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Woodfield Inc. is dedicated to safety. It is our policy that the safe operation of our commercial motor vehicles and compliance with the federal carrier safety regulations will be the determining factor in all phases of our operations. Safety and compliance comes before all other duties of our employees and associates and will be fully supported and reinforced by management on a daily basis.

Woodfield Safety is committed to reducing crashes, injuries and fatalities on the nation's highways and therefore dedicated to making sure drivers and equipment score well on the FMCSA CSA (Comprehensive Safety Analysis) during DOT Roadside Inspections. Woodfield scores are well below the DOT level of intervention, and it is our goal to maintain these good scores.

Management considers no phase of the operation more important than the health and safety of our employees. Therefore, management will continue to be guided and motivated by safety and compliance and with the cooperation of all employees, will actively pursue a safe and healthy working environment for all drivers and employees.